Continue your conversation and create unforgettable interactions on Twitter.

Whether you’re a small business, global brand, startup or agency, Nudge is built to make Twitter work for you.


Build long term, impactful relationships that increase your social ROI

Manage Relationships With Ease

We help you follow up with the right people, at the right time, to maximize social ROI.

Conversations in Context

No more wondering "what should I say?" Connect in a genuine way with every member of your community.

Build Loyalty

Drive customer loyalty by staying on top of communication and giving every reply a unique, personal touch.

Uncover More Opportunities

Follow up on conversations to build with high-value relationships and uncover more opportunities through Twitter.


All you need to provide delightful customer support through Twitter

Quickly Resolve Issues

Keep an eye on all your mentions, so you can quickly identify and resolve customer issues. With Nudge, your customers will never be left waiting for a reply again.

Follow Up Effortlessly

Show customers you care by following up with them after your initial conversation to make sure everything is resolved to their satisfaction.

Stay Personal

Reply to mentions and reminders in seconds and give each and every message you send a unique, personal touch.

Know Your Audience

View Twitter profile information, previous conversations and notes for everyone you speak with on Twitter. Know your audience like never before.

Discover a New Way To Engage With Your Twitter Followers.

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Schedule Follow Ups

Plan follow-ups in order to build genuine, lasting relationships with your followers and customers.

Saved Conversations

Every time you hit reply you’ll be able to see previous interactions, and view your current conversation in context.

Conversation Notes

Save notes against conversations, so you know where to pick up from with each contact in the future.

Respond Instantly

Monitor your Twitter mentions and reply in real-time directly from Nudge.

Quickly Schedule

Set one-click reminders to follow up tomorrow, next week or next month. You can also set reminders to customised dates and times.

Succeed Together

Collaborate with team members to assign reminders to ensure all customer issues are resolved effectively. Efficient teamwork has never been easier.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Set reminders and efficiently manage multiple Twitter accounts from your Nudge dashboard.

Keep Passwords Safe

By managing Twitter accounts through Nudge, you don’t need to make passwords for each Twitter account public within your team.